New Model in the range Aqualiju

In order to meet the needs of our customers we are pleased to present a new model "Aqualiju AB" in the range of electric pumps "Aqualiju."

Domestic applications, agriculture, industrial uses, irrigation (proper for 3 5 irrigators), transfers and mean pressure washing.

The range "Aqualiju" is divided into:

Aqualiju AJ - 1"Total Head: 77mMax Capacity: 3,8msup>3/h
Aqualiju A - 1 1/4 "Total Head: 85mMax Capacity: 5,9m3/h
Aqualiju AC - 1 1/2"Total Head: 77mMax Capacity: 11,5m3/h
Aqualiju AB - 2"Total Head: 57mMax Capacity: 22m3/h

Go to the page of the pump "Aqualiju" for more details and information.